What better story to move your audience than someone who's been there?  Someone who found the inner strength to overcome insurmountable odds and push through to find a better life -- a more meaningful and purposeful life?

Michael's journey is unforgettable. Michael Combs

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A recognized community leader, a top real estate agent and successful entrepreneur, Michael knew what it took to achieve his dreams.  He did it.  But, at age 48, he faced the biggest challenge of his life when his heart stopped one day, then miraculously restarted, not once but twice in three days.  The oxygen loss he experienced left him with severe memory loss, and the heart failure left his heart so weak doctors were convinced he would never recover. 

Defying the odds, he would not give up.  Every day for two years he greeted the day with the hope that it was all behind him, despite the fact that he lacked the strength to even get up and was experiencing severe heart pain.  It was that hope that gave him the strength to keep pushing himself to better health, because certainly he wasn't sent back from the dead for nothing.

He regained his memory.  He regained his strength.  He's a living miracle.  And, he has a renewed passion to share both what he learned about living, in those moments on the other side, as well as what he learned when his mind was wiped clean: how to be childlike, with no expectations or conditions, to live every moment with appreciation and adventure.

You must hear his engaging and inspiring story!  It will open your mind and heart to see that you have so much to appreciate, so much more to give, and so much more to accomplish, if you'll only just tap into your true potential.