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In the Spirit CD
In the Spirit CD
"My favorite CD to get in the Christmas spirit"
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Ten Days with an Angel

Ten Days book

"I am learning to listen to my heart and walk in a more meaningful existence with those around me. This is a must read for everyone."

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In Search of Peace CD
In Seach of Peace CD "There is a  passion here that is rare in the music world."
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Frame of Mind


"I finally understand what was holding me back, and exactly how to overcome it.  I'm free -- finally!"

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“How to Come Back from the Dead: Achieving Your Potential”

After surviving a harrowing near-death experience doctors said he’d never recover.  Five years later, he’s a living testament to the human spirit.  This session will empower you with the skills to overcome the odds, to find strength and determination in the face of adversity, and to live a life with no regrets.  You’ll learn how to move beyond status quo and start getting what you really want out of your business and life.  You don’t want to miss this session!

This session covers:

  • The 7 attributes of super achievers
  • How to develop a never-say-die attitude
  • One question you can ask anyone to create loyalty and respect
  • How to live everyday with zest and enthusiasm
  • Getting amazing results by focusing on the right objectives
  • And, a simple transformational assignment that will change your life!

Duration: 1-3 hours

“Unlocking Your Creativity”


Everyone is creative, whether it's writing, music, cooking, marketing, or even selecting the clothes to wear.  But as we move through our hectic lives, we fill ourselves with distractions and our creativity gets drained.  Soon we're following the same mundane paths that lead to a place where we are no longer sparked.  We end up simply doing what we know, whether it works or not.  It's an endless loop.

But you can break through that cycle and fire up your career by breaking through those well worn paths and tapping into your creative side know, the wide-eyed excitement and freedom you felt perhaps years ago.  And, it's much, much easier than you think!

You don't want to miss this wildly entertaining and unique session -- just one man, a piano and a beach ball.   And, the birth of a new and unique song, composed from start to finish during the course of the session.

You'll learn:

  • How to break through your productivity rut

  • 5 easy ways to reignite your inner fire

  • The value of keeping your creativity tuned

  • How to let go & follow the music

  • Simple steps to stay focused amid chaos

  • How to find your forte

Duration: 1-3 hours

“Creating the Life You Want”

His memory erased after extended oxygen loss, the slate was wiped clean.  Scents were new; flavors rich; colors bright and relationships had to begin anew.  Everything was fresh and exciting, and anything was possible, with no restrictions.  He was free.  It was a new start. 

What would you do differently if you could begin again?  That's what he faced as he fought to regain his memory and found that things were not what he had imagined.  So, he set out to change everything -- to use that curious, childlike view to his advantage to create the life he wanted.   

This session will explore how to find the fun and adventure in all that you do -- and how to remain in that place for life.

You'll learn:

  • New ways to approach the creative process
  • The value of appreciation
  • Exercises on how to live unconditionally
  • 3 ways to look at life with wonder and awe
  • How to find adventure and excitement in every moment
  • The importance of trusting your gut
  • How to let go and trust that everything is going to work out

Duration: 1-3 hours



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