CEO SPACE GROUPS -- Specifically Designed for the Top Brass Your Frame of Mind Engage. Shine. Own your Life. Why is this business so hard? You're tired of mediocrity. You're off track. You wonder, why do some people always have it together despite hard times? Let's face it, life is a roller coaster, and entrepreneurships has some of the steepest peaks and valleys. Entrepreneurs face ups and downs, sure, but when they fall, it can be fast and deep, and it often takes a while to pull out. Sometimes too long, and they fall completely off the cliff. You ask yourself, "What am I doing wrong, when is my time going to come?" The greatest obstacle to reaching your goals and performing at your peak is your thinking; it's your biggest competitor and stands in the way of your success. The single biggest difference between peak performers and everyone else is that they have developed a strong internal mechanism which allows them to maintain a longer duration of career peaks and enables them to catch their fall on the way down towards a deep valley. They stop short and re-direct. They have a powerful mental muscle that they use so that they don't fall down so far, so deep, and so fast. They use the skill of deliberate thought to recast their experience in such a way to serve them and help them move up to the next peak. This is called flexing the mind muscle: the discipline of the mind that enables them to make continuous and seamless adjustments and focus on performance. It's really about making a choice to succeed, everyday. Your Time is Now Frame of Mind Coaching provides you with the infrastructure to develop the skills required to maximize your career performance. We adhere to the idea that repeated thoughts lead to beliefs, and beliefs lead to expectations and expectations lead to the results you desire. Actually we do more than adhere to it, we advocate, breathe it, encompass it, yell it off cliffs, embrace it and live it every single day. Frame of Mind Coaching is crystal clear about results; they are a direct and deliberate product of what we allow our mind to focus on. Success is the result of a focussed frame of mind. Do you want to live the extraordinary life you have always dreamed of? Do you want to own your future? The Frame of Mind Coaching Program is explicitly designed to take you on a ten week journey in which you will discover the skills you require to achieve the career you desire. Each week you will participate in a group conference call that fully explores one aspect of performance. Each call focuses on a targeted subject with a clearly articulated theme and is intended to work as part of a precise progression of thought development over the period of ten full weeks. • Ten empowering weeks • Seventy Days of Intense Focus on your Frame of Mind • 11 calls, one group tele-call per week • One private orientation call • Daily guided journaling • Incredible insight and direction from people who've already overcome • Connecting with Frame of Mind members through the private and secure Website • An Infrastructure that will hold up for you way beyond seventy days Cost: $1,200.00 (Payment arrangement available, if needed.)