Are you feeling stuck? Like you've hit a wall and cannot seem to see the way around it or through it. Maybe it's time to think about getting a life coach. Michael's specialty is in helping you live a fulfilling life from your heart. Every coaching session is customized to fit your unique challenge or objective, building each week on the concepts of the previous week. You'll receive specific assignments in every session and the accountability to overcome your obstacles. Michael cannot change you, only you can, but once you understand the underlying issues you'll be able to see more clearly and find the motivation to triumph over your road blocks. Then you can finally let the real you soar, from the inside out. You are sure to see amazing results but must also be committed to change. With your coaching package you will receive: •10 live, one hour sessions via telephone •Email communication between calls. •One session per week (somewhat flexible based on your needs.) •Journaling tool to use between sessions Every situation is unique but keep in mind that Michael's objective is to help you find fulfillment in your life -- to be happy, to love and to be at peace to have fulfilling relationships and true purpose. Our underlying emotional needs often are the key component of business success, so that aspect may also be addressed. Nothing is taboo. Is it time to make the leap and get the help? Only you can decide, but if you've come to a crossroads and don't know where to turn, I can assure you, help is right here. We want you to be whole! Cost: $3,000.00 USD (Payment arrangement available, if needed.)