Written by FHS Team.

World Record Attempt Newsflash Update

We were beginning to wonder if it was even possible.  Would we actually get this done.  But at last, it is complete.  We've set the first transcontinental aviation record in a light sport aircraft.  Just as our attempt in 2013, it was a nailbiter.  We had to reroute due to storms and once again we wondered if we would have to set down short of our goal.

The whole area was virtually clear of storms...except the one city we were required to land in.  Over Charleston, SC a storm was building.  The airport staff provided updates and were fairly certain it was impossible.  But we found our hole.  The storm moved just enough that we were able to slip into the airport to complete our mission. 

World record attempts, are like shooting pool.  You have to call your pockets and if you have no other options.  We had to wait for the weather to be clear from coast to coast from the one airport we had applied for 3 months earlier.  Then we were left at the mercy of the other end of the US to land in the airport we had sanctioned.  Those are tough conditions when the one city you MUST land in is the only one with a storm.  Not just any storm either, apparently some very unsual, gullywasher type that had sat over the city the entire day.

We are so thankful to be done. 

Update: Oddly, ther was no other window where the weather was good from coast to coast the rest of the summer.