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Thank you for your interest in owning artwork by Michael Combs.  We offer two great options for purchasing artwork.

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Fine Art America (aka Pixels) sells unsigned prints with prices starting as low as $15.  The service allows you to buy from a well respected and established website.  They provide a wide variety of options for your purchase from choosing the size, to the print format (canvas, matted print, poster, an other options such as framing...and even throw pillows and more.   There are so many options, but a limited number of paintings to choose from at this time.  Pixels also ofers a satisfaction guarantee.

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2.  Hand-signed Prints.  

You can buy those prints from our For the Human Spirit Shop.  Selections are very limited and sales are final (unless defective, of course.)  If interested in buying local prints in the Denton, Texas area please email us for locations that offer signed prints for sale.

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Michael woke up 40 weeks after his after-death experience and said "I know how to paint".  He had been given instruction in his dreams.  Since then he has created more than 100 paintings.  Oddly, although most are not places or things he has seen before, they seem to point to things he will see or experience.  It seems many of these are things he saw along his journey on the Flight for the Human Spirit (years after he painted them.) 

"What would you do if one day, you just woke up and knew how to paint? And I mean "how" to paint.  Would you change your life? Would you consider it to be a gift? How would you use this new gift for the benefit of others? Well...this is what has happened to me! 

...Read the whole miraculous story.

There are more than 110 paintings to date.  Many of the painting have been added here and put in chronological order as much as possible (most recent first).  The majority are oil on canvas, and are available for sale both in original (for most pieces) and in prints.  Please contact us for details on your favorite painting.


"What would you do if one day, you just woke up and knew how to paint? And I mean "how" to paint.

  • How to blend the colors correctly on the canvas
  • Which brush to use for a given subject
  • Which knife to use for a certain effect
  • Techniques in brush strokes
  • Precise ways to build texture
  • How to paint so that the colors are rich, and in such a way that the painting will change it's characteristics in different light.

What if every day when you woke up, you saw a new image in your mind, and you knew exactly how to paint it? Would you change your life? Would you consider it to be a gift? How would you use this new gift for the benefit of others?

Well...this is what has happened to me!

Many times, I stand back from a completed canvas, and I too am in awe.  It's a miracle.  Other times, I feel overwhelmed as I ask myself, "What does all of it mean?"

I know that there are no specific answers to these questions. So, I'm just going with it for now. I realize that each day is precious, and that we will never have this day again. So with the additional time I'm given on this earth I'm using this gift, to the best of my ability. These creative works have now become my full time endeavor. It's not unusual for me to be up at three o'clock in the morning, composing music, or finishing a painting. In fact, one day last November, I painted five paintings in one day!
Many times I awake to find three or more images in my mind that I need to paint. Normally the images are completely original rather than based on a picture or an experience. If it is derived from a picture then it becomes my own version of that place, with different buildings, or trees, or maybe with a lake instead of a stream, etc. It's rare to feel stuck or lacking direction while painting but there have been times when there are no new images, notes or words to write. It is during those times that I rest (a vacation of sorts) since the images or notes don't normally leave my mind until they are fully expressed.

Amazing to me is that my paintings are hanging in homes and offices coast-to-coast and my music is being heard around the world. I hear back from so many who have experienced some change in their own life as a result of these works, calling themselves blessed or transformed. It's certainly humbling.

This site is not advertised at this point but the traffic continues to grow. The feedback I've received indicates that they are coming for hope, and inspiration - and out of curiosity. So, the story continues for you and me. Our paths have crossed here, right now, at this place for a reason. I acknowledge that everything is moving to its appointed place, so I hope that you find peace and wonderment here.

Feel free to look at these works; indeed, I have a hard time saying that they are from me. As you browse, note the various styles and techniques, it really is amazing! If there is a particular painting that is pulling at you for some reason, let me know. I'm always excited to hear what draws and touches people.

Have a wonderful day, and make it a point to go out and make just make (at least) one person feel special today."