At a recent conference Mike got some special help from Lisa Nichols (co-author of "The Secret" and "Chicken Soup for the African American Soul") to help him create his elevator pitch.

You'll love this video!

CEOSpace 508 (IBI Global)


Hope for the Human Spirit



Hope for the Human Spirit

Released December 2013


(The cover painting is Michael's original artwork -- we're extra proud of him for that.)

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Flight for the Human Spirit Book


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Ten Days with an Angel book description.

Michael Combs Portrait small
Michael Combs is writing continuously and is publishing books that are designed primarily to help you find purpose, happiness, peace, contentment, and love.  Here you will find books that reach deep within you and discover new techniques and viewpoints that will literally stir your inner being.

The source behind his writings is clear, for this knowledge does not lie within the minds of men.  It is imparted and flows through until the words are written.  Each of Michael's books will be a different journey for you.  A journey that will enhance your life and leave you at a place where you have more clarity in your life and find a higher purpose than you ever thought possible.