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 Inner Whisper

Life gets busy and too often we put ourselves aside, hiding from the very things that will restore our balance and peace. Without this balance we are prone to stress, anxieties, health issues and lack of focus.  Music has the ability to reach a part of our brain and into our very being that words simply cannot.

This collection was created in combination with Michael’s “Prescriptive Meditation” series, which utilizes specific patterns of notes and tones to reset the body’s own inner rythyms to achieve the goal. Not one note or sound is wasted, it is all part of the design to improve your results.  Each instrument has a specific symbolism and purpose as well. Hint: Listen for the cello in “Cellular Communication” which represents to voice of God.

To magnify the effect, try these songs in combination with Michael’s guided mediations - you’ll be amazed.

Composed and performed by Michael Combs

In Search of Peace

In Search of Peace will calm your soul and quiet your thoughts with its serene blend of instrumental arrangements and soothing undertones.

Whether enjoying a quiet moment alone, relaxing by a fire, or preparing your home for special guests, the gentle medodies create a warm sense of peace and calm.

A couple of little known facts about a few of the songs:

  • “In Search of Peace” was written and recorded in one sitting. It flowed from his fingers and left him tingling.
  • “Steve’s Gone” was written for his son who had just graduated high school and left on a post-graduation trip, and whose return was uncertain.  (He was considering moving the San Diego.)
  • “Pushing On” is a song about not letting things holds you back from who you really are, and what you’re capable of achieving. It’s about keeping your face to the wind and taking life head-on with no regrets. It’s about overcoming.
  • "Moonless Night: a Song to Watch Stars By" was inspired by the dark mountain sky where one can see what seems like a million stars.  Michael spent a lot of nights outside looking up at the stary sky.

Composed and performed by Michael Combs


In The Spirit

This CD was born from both a deep love for the Christmas season and from disappointment with the half-hearted music available. Interestingly, In the Spirit was actually his second Christmas CD, the first was a private release in 1995 exclusively for his customers and clients. Most importantly, it was the Christmas CD's that launched him into a more serious pursuit of his music as it drew rave reviews and appeals for more music from his fans and radio stations around the world.

Less than a year later, he released his first original CD: In Search of Peace. Most of the songs on this CD are new arrangements of old favorites, but this CD also includes one original song by Michael entitled "One Holiday Morning". It's a song about the anticipation and joy of giving to those you love, not just through gifts, but also through the little things done without acknowledgement.

Composed and performed by Michael Combs