EffectivePrescriptive Meditations

We all know that whatever you concentrate on will become your future reality.  The life that you have today is a mostly a direct correlation to the thoughts that you’ve have embraced.  Until now it has been difficult to find a way introduce and embrace new thoughts for specific areas of your life and your body. 

Our meditations are specifically produced with your effective results in mind.  Even the music is written for that particular meditation.  That’s right – the background music to each meditation is composed and meticulously recorded to accompany that individual targeted meditation.  It’s like having your own composer on your team in order to help you to become successful in all that you do!

The Prescriptive Meditation catalog is continually growing to cover multiple areas of your health and well-being.  From relationships, to health management, to productivity…just choose the area of your life that you would like to target, and them simply download and play. We even have experimental meditations and music targeted toward healing and therapy!   For your convenience and for a more effective result, the music track for each meditation can be downloaded for you to listen to the music without the guided meditation.  This will give you more variety in your life as they will provide a reminder of the words in the meditation…(they are also perfect to add to your mix for playing as background music while studying or setting a calming atmosphere.

Affordably priced, and ready to play…start your new life today! 

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