Our Sponsors 

The flight was made possible in large part by our sponsors.  It seemed that just when we weren't sure how we would go on, someone would call ahead and pay for our fuel or a hotel would provide us with a place to sleep.  It was an amazing journey of faith and is proof of what we can all accomplish when we do what we can to help one another.

Thank you to all the fans who contributed to our Flight for the Human Spirit 50-State journey and those who continue to support our efforts as we further the message of hope.  Your contributions have come and continue to appear at the extact moment we needed it most.  Had it not been for all of you, this dream would not have been possible and all those who have been touched, would not have had the opportunity.  You gave us the strength to push on and the hope to see we were not alone.  Your gifts radiate far beyond the Flight for the Human Spirit.  They helped kids in Dover, Delaware find inspiration, a mom and her son reunite, a young man propose to the love of his life, a man start a restaurant and so much more.  Thank you!

To our corporate sponsors, thank you for believing in our mission and for your continued support.  If you are reading this, please consider using the services of these good people and companies. 

Corporate Sponsors



Flight Leg Sponsors