Live Like You Mean It!

What would you do if this were your last day?  Or if you had one year to live.  Would you live differently?  Would you make different choices?  That's exactly what Michael Combs had to answer every day for more than two years as we fought to overcome incredible odds.

What he found is that when you follow your heart and stay true to your talents, whether they are for running a restuarant, flying planes, caring for animals or virtually anything else, you will find peace.  Your heart knows your true purpose.  In fact, if you look back on your life, you will see that it has been leading you, pushing you, prompting you -- trying to get you to see what it is meant to do. 
Like a horse in a blizzard, if you just let go of the reins of your life, your heart will lead you home (to its' true purpose.)  And when you're doing what really drives you, what you're truly passionate about, then your talent will shine and you begin living without regrets.

Michael should know, it took him quite some time and a major life challenge to face that reality and pursue what he loves -- but now he's living his true purpose: music, art and writing...and encouraging others to do the same.  And, we think the world is a better place because of it.

This site, and all we do, is aimed at helping you:

  • Discover your true purpose
  • Feel fulfilled in your work and personal life
  • Develop deep, meaningful relationships
  • Find balance and peace
  • Live a life with no regrets
  • Embrace your inner strength & creativity
  • Overcome the obstacles that stand in your way
  • And, to start living -- really living!

We achieve this through - speaking engagements, life coaching, art, music and books.  
Michael's incredible story has encouraged thousands of people to believe it's never too late to start living from your heart -- we hope it will help you transform into the real you too.  Be sure to check out his book Ten Days with an Angel, his oil paintings (soon to be sold as prints), and his latest CD's: In Search of Peace and In the Spirit (a Christmas CD).  Michael is also available for keynote speaking engagements, coaching and consulting.