Pupose Consultation Looking for some direction in your life? In this one hour one-on-one session, you'll receive special insights to help you identify and follow your life purpose. We'll explore your true nature and the things that define you, as well as those that drive you. To begin, we ask that you send us a recent photo of your eyes (and anyone else who may be a catalyst in your life.) Michael is looking for a snapshot of the "real you" at this moment. Next, we'll promptly schedule an appointment for your call. On your call, be sure to have a notepad and pen handy. You'll be amazed at the results, and the direction it will provide...clarity at last! To be very clear, this is not a general overview of your life, this is very specific. You'll be amazed and thrilled at the results! This is one of the most profound phone calls you'll ever make. Most appointments are scheduled during regular business hours (central time), Monday through Friday but please ask us if you have a special scheduling need. (Long distance fees may apply - if charged by your provider.) Cost: $99.00 USD