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Flight for the Human Spirit

Michael Combs Portrait 2012Michael Combs took off from Salina, Kansas on April 8,2010 in a REMOS Light Sport Aircraft with the goal of flying into all fifty states and inspiring millions to follow their dreams.

A journey of this magnitude, originally slated to cover more than 33,000 miles and with stops in more than 171 cities across America, had never before been accomplished in a Light Sport Aircraft -- until now.  Michael not only met those goals, but exceeded them as millions have watched history unfolding before their eyes.

On September 26th, 2012 Michael touched down in Oahu, Hawaii after having flown over 48,000 miles, (further than two times around the world!)  He has landed at more than 200 airports, flown in all fifty states, and through British Columbia, Canada.  Most importantly, Michael has reached more than 28.4 million people with his message of hope.

What's next?  Michael is actively pursuing additional world records to help achieve the goal of reaching 50 million people with his inspiring message.  In June 2014 he completed the first ever coast-to-coast world record in a light sport aircraft.  Then, in July 2014 Michael added a rare F-150 Tremor show truck to the FlightHS team called "Spirit" to help spread the message by land.

How did it begin?

The Flight for the Human Spirit started as a dream, and is proof that all things are possible to those who believe. 

It has always been Michael's dream to fly -- a dream he thought was lost forever after a Completed Map 2013
serious illness almost took his life in 2003.  Just seven years later, his dream began coming true!  But, it's not just about his dream, Michael knows what it's like to face impossible odds.  As a result he set out to inspire others to dream again and pursue those dreams with vigour and determination...and to do it now.

The Flight for the Human Spirit is now nearing the mark of reaching 30 million people.  It remains steadfastly focused on inspiring millions more to follow their own dreams, no matter what they are or the obstacles that may stand in the way. That's the driving force of this entire project.

We invite all those who learn about the project to encourage and inspire others to follow their dreams too.  As Michael learned from his after-death experience, we must live life to the full with no regrets.

THE MISSION: Reach 50 million people with the message that  "it's never, EVER too late to follow your dreams".

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