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2014 for the human spirit Logo clear - CopyFor the Human Spirit is a division of Nspired Enterprises which was founded in 2004.  It was established one year after our founder, Michael Combs heart stopped and he clinicially died, then came back. 

We are passionate about inspiring and encouraging people to see and believe that "it's never ever too late to follow your dreams".  Then get those people to reach out to others to share the message, and encourage them in the same way.  By doing so, we drive a change that gives each of us purpose, hope and connection with others. 

Our original goal was to reach 20 million people with that message but when we hit that goal we bumped it up to 50 million.  It consumes and drives our team.


About Michael F. Combs 

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After battling heart problems for over 10 years, in 2003 Michael's heart had finally worn out.  It progressively slowed, then stopped, his breathing with it.  Several minutes passed as those who loved him took in what they had just witnessed, and said their final prayers and goodbyes.  Then he inexplicably took in a deep breath, and his heart began to beat again. The same thing happened again precisely 40 hours later.  In each instance Michael had an extensive after-death experience and the accounts gave him full conviction of his purpose in life and a determination to live.

Although he survived, the lack of oxygen severely affected his memory and his heart was extremely weak.  Sometimes, barely able to move, and on daily oxygen, he neared deaths door again.  A determined individual, Michael came back fighting with renewed purpose and an understanding that his work was not yet done. Through mental exercises, he diligently worked to recover his memory and has regained much, but not all, of it. 

He studied and explored alternative treatments for his weak heart and arrhythmia condition and beat the odds, and for many years was stronger and more vital he had been prior to the issues. But, that's not the only amazing part... nine months in to his recovery, still on strict bedrest, Michael woke up one morning and confidently exclaimed, "I know how to paint."  Until that time he had never had an artistic eye, or had an interest in painting for that matter.  However, he said that while he was sleeping he was instructed on how to use paints, colors, brushes and techniques.  Today, he's painted more than 150 original pieces. Oddly, with each one, his heart seems to grow stronger still.

The artwork was not the only thing that's come to life through his challenges since 2003.  Michael also found that his musical talent has much so that he gets headaches from all the new music playing in his mind. He has released two new albums and 12 single-song meditations and as of 2016 which can all be found on iTunes or Amazon.  Currently Michael is working on a full symphony in an effort to describe what it’s like to die and see the greatness of the after-life using music.

Yet another piece of the puzzle is his creativity and interest in writing.  Michael calls it "the zone" - the ability to get lost in his writing and stories and to be open to wherever the stories lead.  As of this writing, he's now completed his third book.   His first book is entitled is a fictional story called "Ten Days with an Angel" which was written in just a few months within the first few years of his after-death experience.  He released “Hope for the Human Spirit” in 2014, and “Our Last Christmas” in 2016.   We expect many more to follow.

Michael is also a six time aviation world record setter, and his plane is slated to go into a museum when he is finished with his record setting adventures.  Check out for more information.

As for Michael’s personal demeanor, he is an incredibly warm and humble man with a contagious, child-like outlook on life, and a heart to serve others. Through these various art forms, he is fulfilling his purpose in life.  In turn, it's this act of giving and sharing these things that gives him strength, one heartbeat at a time.  

More About Michael F. Combs

Michael is married to his life-long friend, Michele, and together they have four children and three grandchildren.  Prior to moving to Texas, Michael lived in the mountains of Colorado just outside of Denver, having built his own house from the ground up – a feat that took him three years working nights and weekends. Michael moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 2006 after determining that the additional oxygen of the lower-altitude states, would aid in his recoverY…It worked! Today Michael is stronger than ever and since his near death experience in 2003 he’s done more than most people accomplish in a lifetime.


Here's the short list:

  • He’s painted more than 150 original oil paintings since waking up one day about 9 months after his close call, and saying “I know how to paint!” – a skill that he was imparted with during his sleep (he’d never been artistic before that day.) 
  • He’s written two books: Ten Days with an Angel - a novel and Hope for the Human Spirit - an inspirational book released in July 2012.  He's already at work on this third book and fourth books.
  • He’s composed new instrumental music, inspired by his crossing-over experiences which are included in his meditation series, and a full symphony set to be released in fall of 2013.  (Two other CD’s wereMnM in airplane released in 2000 and are still played around the globe.)
  • He has coached hundreds of people on how to live more fulfilled and meaningful lives.
  • He has been engaged as a private advisor on corporate posturing, creativity and team building by numerous CEO’s and executive level individuals and teams throughout North America.

Prior to 2003:

  • Successful real estate investor & entrepreneur
  • Top producing real estate agent in Evergreen, Colorado (15 years)
  • President of the Board of Realtors in 1996
  • Board of Realtors committee member for ten years with various seats
  • Community scholarship committee member
  • Honored with the D.E.C.A. Lifetime Member award
  • D.E.C.A state and national judge, and school guest speaker
  • Moore & Company school, guest instructor
  • Credited with innovations in conservation at King Soopers grocery chain
  • Buyer/Controller for King Soopers (10 years)
  • Technology innovations and automation pioneer
  • Marketing advisor to independent corporations
  • Lead singer and keyboardist for one of Denver’s hottest bands

And, as accomplished as he is, his humility and gentle nature have remained intact.